Ep 06 | Filling In The Gaps

Some life lessons impact us more than others. Allison shares a lesson she has been relearning recently about grace and how we can use grace to help us along this journey we call life.

As I have been studying grace I have benefited from some of the following resources as mentioned in my podcast.

Emily Belle Freeman is the best-selling author and speaker of two amazing books about grace.

Grace Where You Are
Emily Belle Freeman shares her understanding of how Jesus will meet you where you are, as you are, but He doesn’t intend to leave you there. Instead, the Savior offers divine grace to heal wounds and elevate souls.

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Grace To Become
God’s plan for each of His children includes progress, increase, and transformation. At the center of that plan is Jesus Christ, who offers enabling grace through His Atonement. This enabling strength includes saving grace, which helps us overcome, but also exalting grace, which helps us to become.

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Paige Payne is a talented watercolor and acrylic artist.

He Heals What Is Broken
About the painting
Out of shattered pieces, the Savior has the power to create something beautiful. I am so grateful for the countless ways Christ has healed me. I know He has the power to make us whole. 


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